Project Description



By cleaning service at ISM Facility & Services we mean a large number of activities. You can contact us for the cleaning of desks and canteens, but also the cleaning of the sanitary facilities, floors or windows. Together we discuss your cleaning wishes and ensure that these are complied with by our professional employees through a clear schedule. 

On this page you will find a selection of our services. Is the service you want not listed? Then please contact us. There is a good chance that we can still meet your demand.

  • Cleaning offices
    We have experience in cleaning offices. Think of making desks dust-free or cleaning keyboards and screens.
  • Window cleaning
    Clean windows are important for the appearance of your company. We provide professional window cleaning. We can also help you clean the facades.
  • Sanitary cleaning
    There is little more annoying than stale sanitary facilities. We provide a thorough cleaning of the sanitary facilities and ensure that it is stocked with toiletries.
  • Cleaning kitchen / canteen
    Had a company party in the canteen? Or do you need a weekly cleaning of the kitchen in your office building? We are ready for you!
  • Cleaning floors
    Maintenance of the floor is important but a time consuming job. We can help you with this and maintain it regularly, whether your floor is made of wood, concrete, linoleum or carpet.
  • Clean walls / ceilings
    You can also use us for cleaning walls or ceilings. A job that has to be done regularly, but takes a lot of time and precision. We take the work off your hands.