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Security company ISM Security Amsterdam offers the best security for every occasion. We select the right security guards depending on the situation, location and target group. In this way we ensure reliable and careful security. The selection of the security guards is based on a step-by-step procedure. Our approach is as follows:

1. Analysis

First of all, we discuss the preferences and objectives with you, we visit the concerned location and conduct a risk analysis. Based on this research we make an extensive assessment of the situation and develop a security plan. We share this plan with you, after which any changes or additions can be made.

2. Target group

We create a profile of the target group and search for the right security guards for the particular situation. As an example, we pay attention to the behaviour, language and customs of the target group. By selecting the appropriate security personnel for this job, the security can be implemented as well as possible.

3. Securing

We value procedures and scenarios that are clear to everyone. Therefore, we make clear agreements about the security level and the actions to take. For this reason, we also make strict agreements with emergency services to guarantee that any possible damage is limited.

4. Transfer

If the security plan is entirely according to your wishes, we implement the plan and all relevant information is shared with the security guards. In this way they know what to expect and they can do their job as well as possible.

ISM Security Amsterdam works together with you and is therefore both the advisor and supplier of security for your company. We provide tailor-made advice and always look for the best possible solution.

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